Witte conveyorThe Witte Co. recently unveiled its sanitary vibratory conveyors to combine proprietary vibrating technology with continuously welded stainless steel troughs to effectively convey sensitive materials, while safeguarding against product contamination, and protecting particle shape and integrity. The company says that these conveyors also come equipped with:

  • The company’s forced vibration drive system to create a gentle, efficient, linear conveying action suitable for low-maintenance, 24/7 operation.
  • The gentle advancement of materials — no need for belts, rollers or blowers.
  • Elimination of the contamination risk common to belt and roller conveyors, as well as the risk to product and particle integrity common to pneumatic conveyors.
  • Suitability for conveying food, beverage and pharmaceutical finished products and ingredients, and other delicate materials.
  • The flexibility to be quickly accessed or disassembled by 1 person for inspection and cleaning.
    Compliance with FDA, USDA and 3-A standards and regulations.
  • Availability in 11-, 17- and 23-inch rectangular widths, in lengths up to 40 feet, and in custom sizes and configurations to suit a variety of product, process and plant requirements.
  • Optional fully enclosed tubular trough designs.