LED18W-PAR38-RGBLarson Electronics offers the LED18W-PAR38-RGB, a multi-mode capable LED light with remote control that is compatible with standard PAR38-style light fixtures. According to the company:

  • The light provides innovative control and operating options with remote-control operation and multi-color output choices as well as the ability to produce flashing, dimming and strobing effects.
  • It features a PAR38 design, which allows it to work with most standard light sockets, allowing users to simply unscrew and replace common outdoor floodlights and interior bulbs.
  • Operating features include a handheld remote control which allows the user to control all the functions and modes from up to 25 feet away, making it ideal for installation in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Functions include on/off control, and the choice of 16 different light colors.
  • The versatile and durable light produces 950 lumens in white color mode while using only 18 watts of power.
  • It is highly resistant to damage from vibration or impacts, it produces whiter cleaner light output without any yellow or reddish tint in white mode, and it will operate for 50,000 or more hours before requiring replacement.