MegaCylSEMI-GAS® Systems offers its MegaCyl™ multi-cylinder bulk specialty gas system for high-flow gas processes. According to the company:

  • Part of the Megaturion™ line of bulk gas source systems, the system is ideal for areas where logistics or local regulations preclude the use of bulk gas containers.
  • It utilizes 4 to 18 standard gas cylinders — or more — to create one consolidated bulk gas delivery system. 
  • It supplies NH3, HCl, H2Se and other hazardous process gases at flow rates up to 500 slpm. 
  • Optional manifold and cylinder heaters are incorporated to facilitate liquid to gas phase change and to sustain higher gas flow rates.   
  • It safely dispenses high-flow hazardous process gases and completes purge routines automatically. 
  • Constructed of welded 11 gauge steel with heavy cast aluminum cylinder brackets, it features self-closing, self-latching doors and ¼-inch thick windows as well as integrated, UL-approved fire sprinklers.
  • Overall dimensions of the system vary by customer specification.