Hyster TrackerHyster Co. lift trucks can now be equipped to track key performance data with the new Hyster® Tracker wireless monitoring system. According to the company, this wireless asset management system provides:

  • Enhanced levels of monitoring and control to keep lift trucks running longer and more productively.
  • It keeps tabs on the performance and use of an operation’s lift trucks.
  • It offers valuable information to better operate, care for and maintain lift trucks, enhancing productivity through intelligence.
  • A tiered offering of wireless monitoring, wireless access and wireless verifications.
  • With basic monitoring, operators are able to utilize a variety of tracking capabilities, including hour meter, cost of operations, periodic maintenance, fault code, impact monitoring, operator training, park brake and seat belt violation and speed alerts.
  • Emails can be sent automatically when certain faults or impacts occur, improving information availability when reviewing incidents.
  • With the wireless access tier, operations have access to remote lift truck monitoring, as well as operator access control and idle shutdown control.
  • For operator access, the system knows who is operating the equipment and can keep untrained personnel from accessing or operating a piece of equipment.