BinMaster SmartBob AOBinMaster Level Controls introduces the SmartBob AO level sensor with an integrated 4- to 20-mA analog output to a PLC for monitoring bin level measurement data. The company says that the SmartBob additionally boasts:

  • The ability to open the device to access the keypad and go through a series of steps using push-buttons to set the interval timer, units of measure, 4- and 20-mA drop distances, the maximum drop distance, and relay 1 and 2 functions.
  • The direct transmission of measurement data to a PLC, with all the settings for the bin saved in the non-volatile memory of the sensor.
  • An interval timer setting that initiates a measurement in pre-determined time intervals, such as every 2, 4 or 8 hours.
  • An external start input to initiate a measurement on demand.
  • An override input feature to turn the measurement feature off, disabling the measurement function, which is useful when filling tanks, or when a bin is undergoing maintenance or cleaning.
  • 2 relays that are configurable by the user, making the sensor more flexible and providing more data to the end user.
  • The flexibility to simply select any 2 of 4 different relay options in any combination, including measurement status (measurement in process), high level alarm, low level alarm or error alarm.
  • The output of a 22-mA error signal if the sensor encounters a “stuck top” or “stuck bottom” condition.
  • A soft start feature that reduces wear on the motor.