Volkmann VSVolkmann VS Series vacuum conveyors can effectively transfer fine particles, powders, tablets and capsules into bagging and packaging machinery, avoiding the worker injuries related to the manual loading of machinery, and environmental hazards and contamination issues created by airborne particles that escape during the transfer process. The company believes that the VS Series also offers:

  • Conveying distances of up to 150 feet and heights up to 60 feet with a transport capacity of up to 10,000 pounds/hour for typical granular particle sizes of 100 to 500 µm and a bulk density of 40 PCF.
  • The flexibility to vary the airflow velocity critical to maintain the integrity of the product to suit the material and application with associated vacuum levels between 5 and 28 inHg for a compressed air supply of between 45 and 90 PSIG.
  • Gentle air flow to permit safe product transfer in lean, dense or plug-flow conditions.
  • The elimination of product segregation or separation often caused by vacuum conveying.
  • A full-bore discharge valve to isolate the valve actuator from product contact.
  • A modular design, so parts can be easily interchanged to meet different production setting requirements.
  • A common seal size to fit each module, so no adjustable clamps are required, avoiding the possibility of misplaced parts during cleaning. 
  • Corrosion-free 316L stainless steel contact metal parts for easy maintenance.
  • ATEX certification to prevent the explosions associated with fine powder transfer.
  • No tools required to disassemble or reassemble the units for cleaning.