iTHX-SD-5D dataloggerThe OMEGA® iTHX-SD-5D datalogger records temperature, relative humidity and dew point over an Ethernet network or the Internet, and locally on an SD card. According to the company:

  • The new dual-channel feature allows for measurement of data from two locations.
  • The device can trigger an alarm if the temperature or humidity goes above or below a set point that the user determines.
  • The alarms can be sent by email to a single user or to a group distribution list, including text messages to cell phones and PDAs.
  • The device comes complete with a removable 2 GB SD flash memory card that can store up to seven years of readings taken at 10-second intervals.
  • The data is recorded on widely available SD flash cards.
  • The format is a simple text file that is easily imported to spread sheets and other programs.
  • Data can be read directly on a PC or MAC with a USB card reader; the data can also be downloaded remotely over an Ethernet network or the Internet.