SMARTDAC familyThe GX and GP data acquisition stations and GA10 software are the first members of Yokogawa’s all-new SMARTDAC+ product family that incorporates Smart User Interface, Smart Architecture and Smart Functionality design principles. The company says that these stations deliver:

  • Users can measure more input signals, save data for longer time periods and access that data more readily via touch display screens and an all-new real-time Web browser interface.
  • The GX is a NEMA-4 rated panel-mount system, and the GP is a portable benchtop model.
  • Both share the same performance specifications and standard high-capacity SD flash memory data storage.  
  • Use of color is carefully chosen to call attention to important data and events.
  • New, proprietary resistive touchscreen technology senses two touch points, allowing unique swipe control and pinch in/out control for fast navigation and viewing of data displays.
  • Users can quickly and easily enter descriptive batch and text message information via on-screen keyboard, an external USB keyboard or freehand on-screen with a pen stylus.
  • Completely new modular I/O architecture allows the user to add input channels and alarm relays in any combination and at any time, simply by purchasing the required module(s) and installing them in rear panel slots.