RoboluxRobolux multiport diaphragm valve solutions from Burkert redefine the space/performance ratio, especially in downstream processes such as ultra-filtration and chromatography. The company says that the valves are further characterized by:

  • With increased functionality in an even more compact design, the multiport double-weir design provides for multiple flow paths while greatly reducing contact surfaces and hold-up volume. 
  • The dual piston automatic actuator design combines the functionality of two actuators into one actuator assembly, greatly reducing the dimensional envelope of standard diaphragm valve assemblies.  
  • The increased  functionality — two shut-off valves in a single housing — not only reduces the envelope and footprint of the assembly, but also provides for higher yields by greatly reducing contact surfaces and hold-up volume.  
  • The number of valve body diaphragms and weldments that would usually be required in conventional designs is minimized.
  • The valve provides crucial savings in terms of space requirement, installation and maintenance costs.
  • It is offered with a wide variety of body materials, including 316L stainless steel, PVDF or PP plastic.
  • The valve can be easily adapted for anything from the biopharmaceutical and food industries to the chemical and photo industries.