Xylem WEDECO TAK 55Xylem has engineered its WEDECO TAK 55 Smart ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection system to treat wastewater with a full menu of options to help you design your system to meet all kinds of effluent qualities, such as combined sewer overflows, primary or secondary wastewater sources, lagoons, or tertiary wastewater reclamation and reuse. The company says that the disinfection system further delivers:

  • Long-lasting, energy-efficient WEDECO ECORAY® UV amalgam lamps and electronic ballasts, which consume up to 20 percent less power than previous UV lamp generations (especially when in dimmed mode), to carry out disinfection.
  • An automatic wiping system to prevent the formation of organic and inorganic deposits on the protective quartz sleeves, thereby reducing maintenance.
  • Flow rates up to 1,000 cubic meters an hour or a maximum of 6.5 MGD per channel.
  • No creation of any toxic by-products, unlike chemical-based disinfection methods.
  • A fully pre-configured design that is available in multiple open-channel designs — concrete, stainless steel or marine-grade, high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • A separate cabinet (installed adjacent to the channel for safe and easy access in all weather conditions) to house the system's electrical components.
  • Compliance with the latest IUVA protocol for the disinfection of secondary treated effluents, as well as the EPA’s UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM, 2006).
  • Suitability for small to medium sized municipalities.  
  • An optional second UV bank setup, which provides duty/duty or duty/standby operation, for non-stop disinfection performance or higher UV doses.