Abanaki PetroXtractorAbanaki Corp. introduces its PetroXtractor active membrane skimmer, PetroXtractor passive membrane skimmer and Leach-Aid landfill pump as intended for use in remediation and leachate (landfill) applications. The company says that this system boasts:

  • Air-powered active skimmers that are completely automatic and designed to recover free-floating hydrocarbons from groundwater.
  • Automatic shutoff when the liquid no longer passes through it and the capability to turn back on once full again.
  • No air power to operate the passive membrane skimmer, which is ideal for monitoring or initial testing for contamination.
  • An Oleophilic membrane on the skimmer to keep water out.
  • Less air consumption and waste than leading competitors’ products.
  • The power to operate in harsh conditions.
  • Suitability for light oil applications.