Charles Ross reconditionedCharles Ross & Son has added 7 reconditioned double planetary mixers to its inventory, all ready for immediate shipment and available for either trial/rental or purchase. Every reconditioned piece of Ross equipment is inspected, rebuilt back into working order and offered with the same warranty as new equipment. Other features include:

  • A mixing capacity from 8 to 40 gallons. full holding capacity of 47 gallons.
  • Vacuum operation up to 29.5 inHg.
  • 2 stainless steel 316L rectangular stirrer blades polished to an 80-grit finish.
  • 2 interchangeable stainless steel 316L mix cans with a 15-PSIG jacket.
  • A stainless steel dust shield with a labyrinth hood and shaft seals to prevent product migration into the upper gearbox area. 
  • An air/oil hydraulic lift to raise/lower the agitators.
  • A 15-HP, explosion-proof (Class II, Div. I, Group E) inverter-duty motor.
  •  Two 4-inch (dia.) charge ports with glass and Viton gaskets.
  • A detachable Teflon sidewall scraper arm and bottom scraper blade.
  • A 2-inch (dia.) flush tank ball valve, RTD thermal probe and non-sparking caster wheels for each mix can.