Sensorex CLD500Sensorex’s CLD500 chlorine dioxide sensors use advanced amperometric measurement technology to accurately monitor chlorine dioxide in disinfection applications. According to the company, these sensors also come with:

  • Coverage in the 0- to 2-PPM or 0- to 10-PPM full-scale range.
  • An advanced sensing membrane to keep cross-sensitivity interference from free chlorine to a minimum.
  • Improved stability over the entire operating temperature range.
  • An integral 2-wire, loop-powered transmitter with a 4- to 20-mA output to deliver readings to process control systems, such as a PLCs or DCSs.
  • A large electrolyte reservoir with an easily replaced membrane cap and solution to reduce maintenance and maximize sensor life.
  • The flexibility to be used in new installations, or as a field replacement for existing sensors in chlorine dioxide generators and other water treatment systems.