Thayer NARThayer Scale has designed its NAR belt scales to deliver stability and accuracy for use in applications requiring verifiable accuracy. According to the company, these scales are also equipped with:

  • Mass-counterbalanced tare loads to optimize signal-to-noise ratios in weight sensing. 
  • A maximum capacity of 10,200 TPH and ±0.125 percent accuracy through independent certification.
  • High measurement sensitivity, low deflection, and isolation of the single load cell from the error-inducing effects of extraneous lateral forces, off-center loading, foundation distortion, inclination hold-back forces, and high sporadic shocks and overloads.
  • A weigh bridge with an exclusive rocking flexure suspension in the approach-retreat configuration.
  • 0 stability that typically doesn’t require K-Factor adjustment between certification tests, thus reducing test expenses and downtime.
  • Availability of a 4-, 6- or 8-idler design.
  • A 24- to 96-inch width.
  • A certification by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP).