Morse PILOTMorse Manufacturing has engineered its power-propelled, power lifting and pouring, walk-behind drum handler for maximum productivity, operator control and safety. According to the company, this power lifting-rotation-dumping system additionally offers:

  • A drum lifting speed of 25 FPM (or 2 inches/second or 5 cm/second).
  • A maximum empty travel speed of 3.6 MPH and lift of 39 FPM as the load decreases.
  • A floor travel speed of 3.0 MPH (or 4.4 feet/second or 4.8 km/hour or 1.3 m/second).
  • Drum weights of up to 1,500 pounds.
  • Drum dumping heights of up to 10.5 feet, and 11 inches beyond straddle-type legs.
  • The capability to travel faster, maneuver with precision in tight areas, lift and pour with maximum speed and accuracy, and offer the advantages of power/”dead man" braking safety.
  • The ability of a single operator to easily out-perform even multiple workers using lesser equipment.
  • Rapid installation as a result of an ergonomic throttle, and steering and drum positioning controls that reflect industry standards — familiar, comfortable and intuitive.
  • The MORcinch drum-holding system, which immediately adjusts to 22- to 23.5-inch diameters.