Munson Machinery HM-165-ARThe new HM-165-AR high-temperature, high-intensity continuous blender from Munson Machinery mixes asphalt, paints, resins, adhesives and other abrasive, sticky or tacky compounds, slurries, emulsions and pastes that require high heat to maintain consistency. According to the company, the HM-165-AR is additionally highlighted by:

  • The ability to blend at rates up to 2,000 cubic feet/hour (57 cubic m/hour) without sacrificing retention time for homogeneous blending or coating.
  • The capacity to achieve homogeneous blends in a 15- to 60-second residence time, depending on material characteristics. 
  • Agitator speeds up to 3,600 RPMs, depending on the application.
  • A large-diameter, solid-shaft internal agitator with a 180°-adjustable paddles for varying degrees of blending intensity. 
  • A horizontal, cylindrical vessel with a single agitator that is supported by externally mounted flange block bearings. 
  • Construction from carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel, abrasion-resistant steel, Hastelloy or other exotic alloys.
  • A standard blender drive in a multiple V belt and sheave arrangement.
  • Mounting of the blender and motor on a common support base. 
  • Availability of injection ports for large additions of high- and low-viscosity liquids. 
  • Optional gear-reduced drives and/or HD gear-belt drives for reduced speed, high-torque requirements.