SWECO bag dump dustSWECO introduces its sanitary bag dump with an integral dust collector to reduce worker exposure to nuisance dust. According to the company, this system additionally comes with:

  • Improved particulate containment by providing substantial vacuum below the bag dump screen rather than above, which pulls dust down and away from the operator, greatly improving airborne particulate flow into the collection system’s filters.
  • An integrated dust removal system with a self-cleaning blower and cartridge filters.
  • A shelf and grate to open and unload each bag.
  • Better workplace air quality, improved housekeeping and reduced potential health risks.
  • The avoidance of potential injuries as a result of an ergonomically correct design at the standard height of a worker.
  • Exclusive compatibility with the company’s bag dumper, which screens material at bag unloading stations. 
  • An optional magnet to remove tramp metal.
  • Suitability for the food and baking industry in which a dust collector and plenum need to be cleaned between batches.