Terracon tank mixerTerracon presents its bottom-entry non-metallic mixing tank solution, so pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies have another option when it comes to buffer and media preparation. According to the company, this solution additionally delivers:

  • A magnetic mixer assembly unit with impeller design options for media preparation and high-shear mixing. 
  • A cylindrical, cone-bottom molded polyethylene tank for ease of cleaning and complete drainage.
  • Better mixing at a faster pace (up to 6 times faster than top-entry mixers).
  • Capacities up to 1,000 liters. 
  • Greater chemical compatibility (less risk of latent particle contamination).
  • Increased process purity because the process is sealed.
  • A design that promotes cleaning in place and is well-suited to tight spaces.
  • Easy installation, handling and operation.
  • Compliance with cGMP, FDA and USDA.
  • Availability of multiple stand options and mobile carriers.