Micro850Rockwell Automation’s new Allen-Bradley Micro850 and enhanced Micro830 PLCs feature embedded motion capabilities for up to three axes of motion. According to the company, these controllers are characterized by:

  • The Micro850 micro PLC is equipped with the same form factor, plug-in support, instruction/data size and motion capabilities as the 24-pt and 48-pt Micro830 controllers, but with the added capabilities of Ethernet and expansion I/O.
  • The Micro850 controller specifically targets the needs of OEMs and excels at stand-alone machine applications.
  • The Micro850 controller has an embedded Ethernet port for higher performance connectivity to human-machine interfaces.  
  • With support for up to five plug-ins, OEMs can customize the functionality of the controller with additional I/O, special functions and serial ports, without increasing the size of the controller.
  • The enhanced Micro830 (via a firmware and software upgrade) and Micro850 controllers support up to three motion axes using pulse output to stepper or servo drives.
  • A single programming software called Connected Components Workbench simplifies the installation, configuration, connectivity, and maintenance of machine devices.