EnviroHPA SystemsEnvirogen Technologies Inc. offers the EnviroHPA Systems service program as a 21st-century alternative to environmental treatment applications that might otherwise feature activated carbon as an adsorption medium. According to the company, this system features:

  • A range of ultra-high performing adsorbent media in systems designed, guaranteed and operated by Envirogen under multi-year agreements.
  • Improved performance is seen in smaller footprint systems that can handle a wide variety of organic contaminants with excellent control and a minimum of system upsets.
  • Envirogen offers EnviroHPA Systems as a service in which system design and installation, media costs, regeneration and disposal are charged as an operating fee over the life of the system.
  • They can be offered with low- to no-capital investment, guaranteed performance and predictable costs over the service life of the installation.
  • Savings can approach 50 percent when compared with traditional activated carbon systems in high volume applications.
  • An additional benefit is the substantially smaller carbon footprint of this approach compared to activated carbon systems.
  • The initial applications for EnviroHPA Systems will be in the hydrocarbon processing and chemical processing industries for removal and recovery of select organics from wastewater, groundwater and vapor phase streams.