EP62-1With the ability to withstand acids, bases and many solvents, Master Bond EP62-1 is primarily used as an adhesive, sealant or coating where the epoxy will be exposed to very harsh conditions. The company says that this two-part epoxy additionally features:

  • Thermal stability with a glass transition temperature exceeding 170°C.
  • A long working life of over 12 hours at ambient temperatures and a forgiving 100 to 10 mix ratio by weight.
  • Convenient color coding to facilitate uniform mixing (the color of Part A is clear and Part B is dark brown).
  • It cures rapidly at moderately elevated temperatures, with schedules ranging from 4 to 6 hours at 60 to 70°C to 10 minutes at 125°C.
  • It is a dimensionally stable epoxy that contains no solvents or diluents.
  • A shelf life of one year in unopened, original containers.
  • Availability in an assortment of packaging options, including ½ pints, pints, quarts, gallons and 5-gallon kits.
  • Specialty packaging also is available in gun kits, and premixed and frozen syringes.