Fluid Imaging Birefringent Fluid Imaging Technologies has earned U.S. Patent No. 8,345,239 for the development of a new system and method for imaging birefringent particles in a fluid. According to the company, the patented technology involves:

  • 2 cross-polarizing filters set in a proprietary configuration to automatically detect the presence of anisotropic particles and microorganisms, take a high-resolution digital image of each and provide more than 30 different parameters of measurement data.
  • The detection, monitoring and analysis of food ingredients, plastic resin, fibers, abrasives and crystals, as well as for invasive mussel veligers, such as the zebra and quagga mussels.
  • A camera that allows light to pass through for imaging only after passing through the birefringent particle and through both polarization analyzers.
  • The effective isolation of birefringent targets of interest for analysis, while blocking particles and microorganisms not exhibiting birefringence from being imaged.
  • Data saved as image collages, interactive scattergrams and other formats.
  • The flexibility to switch off the technology in seconds to permit automated detection and imaging of both birefringent and non-birefringent particles and microorganisms at the same time.
  • Availability as an option on the company’s FlowCAM® particle imaging and analysis system.