FlexStream with automated controlKin-Tek has added an automated humidity control option to the FlexStream™ modular gas standards generating system, allowing for simulation of real sample streams. The company says that this solution is characterized by:

  • The FlexStream™ system dilutes the emission from permeation or diffusion tubes with an inert gas, typically nitrogen or zero air, to create trace concentration — ppm, ppb and pptr — gas mixtures.
  • An internal microprocessor sets the operating mode and adjusts dilution flow to achieve the required concentrations.
  • The FlexStream™ HG fits into the system as the end module.
  • A portion of the inert dilution gas is saturated with water and mixed with dry, trace component carrying gas to form the humidified mixture.
  • Humidity is adjusted by varying the ratio of wet to dry gas.
  • Typically, values from 20 to about 90 percent RH can be achieved. 
  • The system can also be controlled remotely by a PC or process computer using Modbus® connectivity.