BlueLevel AP/APX RF BlueLevel Technologies presents its complete radio frequency (RF) admittance point level sensor line for point and continuous-level measurement of powder, granular, liquid and slurry materials within a wide variety of industrial areas. More specifically, the company says that the AP/APX RF admittance level sensor additionally offers:

  • A double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) relay output that’s fail-safe on power failure.
  • A simple 2-step calibration function and remote test input.
  • A large, locally visible LED indication of the normal and relay alarm status of the sensor (on the AP sensor for ordinary locations). 
  • A universal 20- to 255-VAC/VDC power supply.
  • A NEMA Type 4X powder-coated enclosure and a 3-4-inch NPT stainless steel process connection for most probe configurations (whereas other size connections may be available). 
  • Integral electronics with either ordinary-location or explosion-proof enclosures. 
  • Availability in each of 5 different probe configurations, including standard, mini, cable-extended, high-temperature and super-high-temperature probes.