Drexelbrook Universal IVThe Universal IV™ CM water cut monitor from AMETEK Drexelbrook comes with a water cut measurement accuracy in the low ranges (0 to 1 percent, 0 to 5 percent and 0 to 10 percent water). According to the company, the monitor also offers:

  • The ability of the sensing element to not only extend a minimum of 15 inches into a main process line, but also to take an average of the capacitive property of the fluid over its entire length, which ensures a smoother and more accurate response, regardless of the mixture.
  • Onboard electronics, which are designed to ignore paraffin buildup on the pipe and probe, that compute the relationship between capacitance change and water cut.
  • An accuracy of 0.03 percent water and measurement resolution down to 0.0002 percent water.
  • Cote-Shield™ technology that ignores coating buildup on the probe and puts the sensing area of the instrument directly into the process stream.
  • A Perm-A-Seal sensing element, which incorporates PEEK material and a stainless steel sensing rod, that installs directly into a main process line without requiring spool pieces, side arms or slipstreams.
  • Probes that can handle pressures up to 1,500 PSI and temperatures up to 450oF.
  • A built-in LCD display and keypad.
  • The flexibility to be configured for NPT or flanged mountings, and installed in all common pipe diameters. 
  • Field calibration from anywhere along the 2-wire loop with Drexelbrook’s HRTwin™ PC software, or via a local display/keypad without a laptop or handheld communicator.
  • Pre-calibration to 1 of 11 pre-set ranges, for light oil (API gravity greater than 25) and heavy oil (API gravity less than 25).
  • Compliance with Class 1, Div. 1 and Zone 0 hazardous locations, as well as FM, FMc, ATEX and IECEx.