V10Z44MCMV10Z44MCM series 3-in-1 leveling mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) are designed to dampen shock and vibration, provide leveling and offer position mobility for packaging machinery applications. According to the company, the mounts offer:

  • A moveable mount in which the rubber mount is incorporated with a rotating ball.
  • They allow movement of machines and give excellent vibration-free installations.
  • The isolator is made of oil-resistant rubber; the ball and handle are made of steel.
  • The maximum recommended load of the two isolators ranges from 200 to 600 kgf (441 to 1323 lbf).
  • The diameter of the unit base ranges from 100 to 140 millimeters (3.9 to 5.5 inches).
  • Typical applications include their use under packaging machinery, large pumps, fans, motors, compressors and other medium load equipment.