SV10 Solenoid ValvesComatrol introduces three new SV10 Solenoid Valves: the SV10-34-14, SV10-24-06 and SV10-24-02. According to the company, the updated family includes:

  • A new float feature on two of the valves, providing circuit designers a new function for cylinder float control.
  • The family offers users the ability to make float circuits like height control or fourth position float.
  • Physically, the float position connects both ends of the cylinder (or motor) to tank.
  • The SV10-24-06 is a 2-position, 4-way with float in the shifted position.
  • Apply in parallel with an SV10-34-02 (or equivalent schematic) to create a fourth position float circuit, it becomes a third coil to energize to apply float, connecting both of the ports of the cylinder or motor to tank.
  • The third valve, the SV10-24-02, is a 2-position, 4-way with normally closed schematic. 
  • Rated pressure for the valves is 230 bar (3335 psi) with rated flows from 17-24 LPM (4.8–6.3 GPM), depending on which schematic is selected.