RotaMASS 3Yokogawa’s RotaMASS 3 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter series has extended its communication capabilities with a Modbus interface. According to the company:

  • Modbus running over RS-485 will be available in with both Modbus RTU and ASCII transmission modes.
  • The fast and simple Modbus communication, running at up 57000 bps, enables access to all relevant process measurements including mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature.
  • All measurement variables are included as readable address registers.
  • For easy configuration of meter measurements and settings, the free RotaMASS Modbus Communication Tool will be delivered with each RotaMASS.
  • This software is equipped with different functions, clearly displayed in an explorer view.
  • The RotaMASS is respected in the market for its superior box-in-box design, which decouples the measuring device from external vibrations and stresses for consistent accuracy.
  • With its dual thick walled, u-shaped tubes, it provides an optimum measuring accuracy of +/-0.1 percent for liquids and +/- 0.5 percent for gasses.