Assured Automation V SeriesAssured Automation has unveiled its V Series modulating ball valve for achieving precise process control of pressure, temperature, flow and level. Moreover, the company believes that these valves provide:

  • More consistent control than traditional round ported ball valves.
  • An inherent shutoff capability, high-flow capacity, ease of use and maintenance and a rotary stem that makes these control valves beneficial for throttling applications.
  • Control signal options that include 4 to 20 MA and 3 to 15 PSI.
  • The flexibility to maintain flow rates and tank levels, control pressure and discharge temperatures, and regulate heat jacket temperatures.
  • Carbon or stainless steel valve bodies with NPT, socket-weld, tri-clamp, and 150# or 300# flanged end connections.
  • Sizes from 1/2 through 8 inches.
  • A solid stainless steel ball, not a seat insert.
  • Suitability for refinery, petrochemical, chemical process, flavor/fragrance and food/beverage control applications.