Advertisement’s MGL7-480-2X120V temporary power-distribution system allows operators to tap into a high-voltage 480 VAC electrical current and step it down to useable single-phase 120V. According to the company, the system features:

  • Two 120 VAC outlets and it includes integral breaker and fused protection for safe operation.
  • Suitability for industrial operations where standard 120VAC is unavailable but required for the operation of equipment and lighting.
  • It is designed to convert three phase 480 VAC power to single phase 120 VAC via a step down transformer with a 7.5 KVA load rating.  
  • It connects to the primary 480 V power source through an included 25-foot power cord fitted with a 30amp, 480v, 3-phase 4-wire male plug.
  • The main primary supply is controlled and protected by an on/off switch with fused disconnect for secure and safe operation.