ProGrade Grates in HousingWith ProGrade® Grates in Housing from Eriez®, tramp and fine iron removal in enclosed flow lines or at screen discharges is simplified. The company says that the separators offer:

  • They utilize slide-bolts on the front door to easily access the magnetic tubes for cleaning.
  • Two rows of the most powerful magnets available in the industry provide the ultimate in magnetic protection.
  • They are available in Ceramic and Xtreme® rare earth magnet strengths, enabling professionals in diverse industries to choose the ideal level of protection for their specific application.
  • Ceramic powered separators are suitable for removing medium to large tramp metal such as bolts, nuts and hand tools.
  • Separators powered by Xtreme rare earth magnet material are best at removing weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination.
  • Xtreme rare earth designs feature stainless steel housings and sanitary construction for food or other applications requiring no cracks, pits or crevices.
  • Standard features include removable doors with plastic knobs for tool-less access.