CL-10GP Proportional Level DetectorThe Dynatrol® CL-10GP Proportional Level Detector is designed specifically to control liquid levels in pilot plants, pharmaceutical processing, small vessels or anywhere it is necessary to obtain proportional level control over a precise range. According to the company:

  • The EC-103C(G) control unit is paired with the detector and can activate electro-pneumatic transducers, valve positioners, indicators, controllers or other DC current devices.
  • The detector and control unit accurately monitor and control an extremely precise liquid level range due to the unique, high-resolution, proportional output signal. 
  • This unique control operates reliably under varying frequency power supplies or harsh process conditions, such as high pressures and high temperatures.   
  • Installation is simple, and the separate control unit permits installation at any convenient location.
  • The detector is mounted through a ¾-inch half-coupling at the point of desired level detection, eliminating costly flanges, float chamber or fittings. 
  • Both operate on either a 50Hz or 60HZ power supply.