Tharo Systems PA1200DTTharo Systems’ PA1200DT dual tamp label printer/applicator can print and apply labels to 2 adjacent carton/product surfaces — front and side, front and top or a simple front apply. The company believes that its PA1200DT additionally provides:

  • The capability to strip a label from the liner and hold it by suction on the tamp applicator pad after a label is printed. 
  • A heavy-duty swing arm that extends over a conveyor and tamps the label to the front surface of the carton.   
  • The collection of another printed label when the tamp pad returns to its starting position, and the application of it to the side or top of the carton. 
  • The flexibility to be set up to apply labels to a single surface or as a corner wrap.
  • Print resolutions of 203 or 300 DPI. 
  • Labels as large as 4.4 by 8.0 inches.