PIG flammable safety cabinetsNew Pig has developed PIG® flammable safety cabinets with fully MIG-welded 14- and 18- gauge steel construction and door faces designed to survive decades of industrial use. According to the company, these cabinets are also characterized by:

  • True double-wall construction with 1.5 inches of insulating air space for fire protection.
  • Full-width, welded shelf hangers that offer maximum support and increase sidewall thickness.
  • A variety of sizes and sump capacities.
  • Impact resistance as a result of 14-gauge steel door faces that are 56 percent thicker than other cabinets.
  • A 2-inch leak-proof sump within the cabinet to contain leaks, drips and spills. 
  • Flame arrestor vents to help prevent flashback ignition.
  • A grounding connection to inhibit static buildup.
  • 4-inch bullet hinges with self-lubricating, fully enclosed brass pins to prevent premature hinge failure. 
  • A 3-point zinc latch to ensure fail-safe, non-sparking door closure.
  • A recessed handle that doesn’t catch on passing traffic.
  • A hybrid powder-coat finish to resist chemicals and corrosion.
  • Compliance with NFPA and OSHA specifications, whereas most are FM-approved for the storage of flammables and meet UFC requirements. 
  • A lifetime warranty.