B&R keypad moduleThe new B&R keypad module with integrated illuminated ring keys features the compact dimensions of a mobile phone and IP65 washdown protection. According to the company, this new control device:

  • Can be used wherever it's needed on the machine.
  • Offers a hygienic design that ensures a maximum degree of cleanliness, even in sensitive working environments such as those found in the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Features keys that can be illuminated in yellow, green, red and white and labeled as needed using legend strips.
  • Offers fully homogeneous ring key illumination that ensures a perfect signal effect, while tactile feedback provides an additional layer of operating comfort.  
  • Offers extremely communicative features while providing a flexible connection to open fieldbus systems.
  • Saves valuable installation space by encapsulating the electronics on the back of the device, thereby eliminating the need for an additional protective housing.