THERMa-PURGarlock Sealing Technologies LLC now offers its THERMa-PUR™ ultra-high-temperature sealing material in sheet form and in cut gaskets. According to the company:

  • Since its introduction in 2011, the material has been field-proven to successfully seal connections in biomass gasification, marine and land-based exhaust systems, turbochargers, mineral and fertilizer processing, incineration and co-generation. 
  • The material can now be supplied in 40- by 40-inch sheets with an available fiber core in thicknesses of 1/16 and 1/8 inch.
  • The material is also available in pre-cut gaskets as well as in Kammprofile and corrugated metal gaskets.
  • It is produced by an environmentally friendly, solvent-free process that combines a unique blend of raw materials with a patent-pending fiber core.
  • The proprietary material provides superior sealing effectiveness at temperatures of up to 1,800°F (1,000°C), including extreme thermal cycling conditions.
  • Because of its low organic fiber content and non-oxidizing formulation, it exhibits only minimal weight loss at extreme temperatures.
  • It has a flexible fiber core,  making it safer to handle without the sharp edges associated with the metal tang cores or wire mesh reinforcement found in traditional high-temperature materials.