Volkmann RNT-CONVolkmann’s RNT-CON contained rip-and-tip dump stations allow for dust- and contamination-free opening and discharging of high-potency powders and fines from bags, boxes and small containers. The company says that these rip-and-tip dump stations also offer:

  • The safe, hygienic handling of materials.
  • A roller conveyor to semi-automatically feed bags or containers through a dust lock into an unloading chamber, or isolator, with an integral glove box.
  • An isolator that uses negative pressure to contain powders or fines, and comes standard with a flushing connection.
  • A glove box that enables users to manually open and discharge containers into the feeding hopper.
  • The transfer of material by vacuum conveyor to the next stage in the process.
  • The capability to flush the closed unloading chamber from within using a hand-washing gun or WIP/CIP, while emptied bags are brought out through a port to a modular bag compactor or endless liner.
  • A modular design with various functional components and options that can be easily configured to meet process-specific requirements.
  • The ability to help processors meet increasingly demanding operator safety and environmental regulations for production environments.
  • Optional lump breakers or crushers, material agitators, bag separation, vacuum-lifting hoists with extended buffer zones, inlet tunnels built as locks with separate aspiration, pneumatic door locks, and/or the Volkmann Multijector® continuous dusting and filtration system prepared for on-site aspiration.