Trace SourceKin-Tek Trace Source™ FPK Gas Permeation Tubes are used with FlexStream™ or Span Pac™ I Gas Standards Generators to dynamically generate ppb calibration standards of arsine in a matrix of nitrogen, air or polymerization grade ethylene or propylene. According to the company:

  • Concentrations from below 10ppb to over 500ppb can be produced.
  • The tubes emit a small, steady flow of arsine vapor that is set by the temperature of the tube.
  • That flow is mixed in the standards generator with a controlled flow of clean matrix gas to form the calibration gas mixture.
  • Mixture concentration is adjusted by changing the matrix gas flow rate.
  • Calibration based on the Standard Additions Principle compensates for unknown residual arsine in the matrix gas.
  • To minimize the hazard of working with arsine, FPK tubes contain only vapor phase at low pressure. 
  • Tubes can be totally sealed for storage and shipping so that there is no fugitive emission of arsine.