Q-Series tubingAMETEK Fluoropolymer Products has launched a new generation of Q-Series tubing with improved performance in severe environments. According to the company:

  • With further advances in resin design and performance, Q-tubing provides best-in-class blister prevention in severe applications involving highly corrosive fluids, combined with high operating pressures and temperatures.
  • The inherent non-stick characteristics of fluoropolymer resins resist corrosion and fouling, extend heat exchanger service life, and improve value-in-use through savings in plant maintenance costs.
  • The high electrical resistance minimizes the effects of stray currents in electroplating tanks.
  • Proprietary fill technology provides increased thermal transfer performance, allows for use in applications with higher temperature and pressure, and prevents blistering in extreme conditions. 
  • Advances also have been made in resins, fill particle size and shape, purity and control of homogeneity.
  • AMETEK heat exchangers are available in the proprietary Q-Series tubing formulations, as well as FEP.
  • SLIMLINE™ Coil fluoropolymer heat exchangers are widely used in the metal finishing and chemical processing industries and are especially suited to batch and continuous steel pickling applications.
  • SUPERCOIL™ heat exchangers are high-efficiency immersion coils designed for heating and cooling a wide range of metal finishing solutions.