Sunlight-Resistant CablesCicoil Corp.’s Sunlight-Resistant Cables are designed to withstand extensive exposure to high levels of radiation and ozone with no adverse effects. According to the company, the cables:

  • Are crystal clear, flat and silicone-encapsulated.
  • Offer uninterrupted performance, flexibility and reliability, even after 10+ years in direct sunlight.
  • Feature the company’s proprietary silicone extrusion process, which allows multiple wires, shielded pairs, power conductors, coax conductors, tubing and other design elements.
  • Are  “self-healing” from small punctures and will not deform, wear or crack due to prolonged exposure to UV rays, ozone, intense heat (+260°C), acid rain, flames, shock, salt, humidity, cold temperatures (-65°C), vibration, weathering, coarse sand, submersion in water, mechanical stress and most chemicals. 
  • Are available with an s anti-friction coating options by request, for applications that require additional abrasion and adhesion resistance.
  • Are UL Recognized, CE Conforming, RoHS & REACH Compliant, Halogen-Free, Flame Retardant and are manufactured in an automated, climate controlled environment.  
  • Are available from stock in continuous lengths, cut to order or as assemblies with connectors of your choice, 100 percent tested and inspected.