SEMI-GAS BlixerT XturionTSEMI-GAS® Systems now offers its custom BlixerT XturionT gas blender to streamline semiconductor manufacturing processes. The company says that other features include:

  • A continuous flow of precisely blended gases, which eliminates the labor costs and production downtime required to monitor and exchange gas cylinders. 
  • The power to mix 2 or more gas components into uniform, controlled mixtures.  
  • A 30 to 40 percent cost savings by blending pure gases on site, eliminating the need to purchase costly premixed gas cylinders.
  • The ability to adjust gas mixture percentages during use with an onboard touch-screen interface, permitting the fine-tuning of mixtures, which cannot be accomplished with pre-mixed cylinders.
  • Support for fluctuating usage and variable flow rates from numerous points, each with independent duty cycles.
  • Completely automated blending routines, and the capability to monitor itself for performance and safety conditions. 
  • Automatically sent warning notifications to the operator or automatic system shutdown if an alarm is triggered.
  • Mass flow controllers to ensure accurate mixtures.
  • A welded 11-gauge steel enclosure, which measures 86 (H) by 40 (W) by 23 inches (D), with a self-closing, self-latching door and window that uses 1/4-inch (W) safety glass.
  • A UL-approved fire sprinkler, polycarbonate face shield and a durable, corrosion-proof, non-skid floor mat on which the entire system sits.
  • The flexibility to meet application-specific requirements for flow, pressure, mixture percentage and blending accuracy.
  • Suitability for the semiconductor, solar, research and development, and other high-purity markets. 
  • An optional gas analyzer to confirm mixture percentages, as well as a control loop to further improve blending accuracy.