(Radial Field) CartridgesEriez® RF (Radial Field) Cartridges, available with SuperStrength Erium® 3000 rare earth magnet material, are ideal for removing tramp iron from dry, free-flowing food or chemical products conveyed in pneumatic pipelines. According to the company:

  • In operation, materials entering the housing are distributed by a solid stainless steel cone and pass in close proximity to the magnetic cartridge.
  • Ferrous contamination is attracted and held by the magnet while the separated product continues past the magnet and out of the housing.
  • The ferrous contamination remains on the magnet until the cartridge is removed and cleaned.
  • The compact overall dimensions of  the cartridges enable installation in tight spaces.
  • A section of pipe is removed and the magnetic separator is put in its place. 
  • The company offers optional end diameters, couplers, adaptors or flanges for customized installations.
  • Standard units are offered for up to 25 psig (1.7 bar) operation; high-pressure units are also available.