Powder Tech Ystral PiloTecPowder Technologies now offers the multifunctional Ystral PiloTec as one of its solutions for processing applications in the chemical, coating, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. According to the company, its PiloTec further provides:

  • Reliable results for dust- and loss-free powder induction, colloidal wetting under vacuum, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, wet grinding and mixing (including mixing without applying shear energy) after a specific energy is input independent from the batch size.
  • Batch or inline operation with the highest possible flexibility, including interface with existing vessels.
  • Modular capabilities to facilitate upgrades to a PiloTec plant-processing system, including Ystral mixing systems, powder- and liquid-handling systems incorporating measuring and weighing technology, lifting devices and other modular components.
  • Easy-to-handle exchangeable tools.
  • Operation without additional pumps.
  • ATEX certification.
  • A hygienic design.
  • Suitability for laboratory or smaller scale operations.
  • Availability of clean/sterilize-in-place functionality.