National Bulk EquipmentNational Bulk Equipment has integrated multiple mechanical conveying methods into this automated bulk material-handling system to move highly fibrous, non-free-flowing material from infeed to discharge, from material conditioning to supply metering and from metering to downstream processing. According to the company, the system additionally delivers:

  • The movement of gaylords into position for automatic alignment with the gaylord dumper lift carriage via a chain-driven live roller conveyor and pop-up chain transfer conveyor at infeed.
  • A 3,000-pound capacity and 2,500 pound per hour feed rate.
  • A continuous-duty weigh belt conveyor to ensure an accurate and reliable material supply from the material conditioning stage.  
  • An inclined boxed-cleat belt conveyor to transport material to downstream processes at a final drive speed of up to 30 feet per minute from material weighing.
  • The efficient movement of properly conditioned material through the production process, regardless of challenging material characteristics and varying material flow requirements, from material introduction to downstream process supply.
  • An integrated automation architecture that brings together legacy downstream equipment and the company’s systems to a menu-driven HMI.
  • A UL-listed panel that includes controls, sensors, monitoring and reporting.