Charles Ross double planetary mixersCharles Ross & Son introduces its double planetary mixers with a slightly tilted configuration for more effective and complete discharge of flowable products. The company says that these versatile mixers further provide:

  • An air/oil hydraulic lift to raise and lower the stirrers into the removable vacuum-rated mix can.
  • A glass sight/charge port and tank light on the vacuum hood to allow the operator to check on the batch and conveniently add raw materials without interrupting the agitation.
  • Stainless steel 316 rectangular stirrer blades that are driven by a 5-HP inverter-duty motor.
  • Detachable sidewall and bottom scrapers.
  • A 50-PSIG heating/cooling jacket, which is insulated and sheathed in stainless steel, on the vessel.
  • A thermowell with an RTD thermocouple on the side of the mix can to measure batch temperature.
  • Product discharge through a 3-inch (dia.) Teflon plug installed via heavy-duty tri-clover clamps towards the front of the mix can.
  • A raised base that provides a 28-inch clearance beneath the outlet and is suitable for 12-inch (dia.) receiving vessels.
  • A liquid ring vacuum pump complete with a sealed water reservoir, air-to-air heat exchanger, and built-in shell and tube condenser.
  • A NEMA-4X control panel that integrates start/stop and speed controls, a speed display, digital temperature readouts, a cycle timer, a chart recorder, vacuum pump on/off controls, a vacuum gauge, emergency stop, a fused rotary disconnect and a control power transformer.
  • A hot oil temperature control unit.
  • Suitability for the preparation of pastes and gels, as well as granulations and free-flowing dried powder blends.