Xylem's water treatment solutionsXylem Inc. offers three new water treatment solutions for delivery to the North American market: Wedeco Duron, Sanitaire BioLoop oxidation ditch and the Leopold I.M.S® 1000 media retainer. The company says that these solutions are characterized by:


  • Open channel ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system.
  • Delivers clean, safe treated wastewater that minimizes energy and footprint.
  • Designed for mid-size to large open channel systems, it eliminates the need for chemical based disinfection while simultaneously reducing electricity costs and the amount of space required.

Sanitaire BioLoop

  • Oxidation ditch for biological wastewater treatment.
  • A complete solution which cuts energy costs by up to 50 percent compared to conventional oxidation ditch technology.
  • The ultra-efficient system consists of a complete process approach which typically includes aeration, submersible mixers, blowers, monitoring and process control systems with sludge age control.
  • The solution’s fine bubble diffused aeration is significantly more energy efficient than mechanical aerators and can be designed to accommodate stringent nutrient removal regulations for nitrogen and phosphorus.

Leopold I.M.S® 1000

  • A media retainer that allows wastewater treatment plants to consistently deliver higher quality effluent than with support gravel due to increased media depth and available driving head.
  • Suitable for use in wastewater plants, in GAC contactors, in biologically active filters and in the construction of filters for de-nitrification, the media retainer also costs less to install and operate.