EPL-21-IRLEDLarson Electronics’ now offers the EPL-21-IRLED as an explosion-proof, portable, infrared LED light for low-voltage power requirements.  According to the company:

  • The low-voltage design is suitable for use in hazardous areas with an area classification from UL Class I & II, Division 1 & 2 and can be operated in wet environments as it is water tight. 
  • The illumination produces a flood beam that is approximately 160 feet long by 125 feet wide and is housed in a portable, durable, explosion-proof packaging. 
  • It is available in two different frequencies, 850 Nm for use with general night vision devices and security cameras or 940 Nm, which is for use with military night vision equipment.
  • For low-voltage operation, it has an in-line step down transformer to convert 110 to 277 VAC to 12 volts. 
  • This rugged portable light is invisible to the naked eye and will withstand high vibration areas.  
  • From a durability standpoint, the light is constructed with a copper-free aluminum shell with a powder coated finish.