Banner SureCross B2QBanner Engineering has developed its SureCross® B2Q gateway module to provide embeddable, dependable communication capabilities for the company’s Q45 wireless sensor network. The company says that other features include:

  • The capability to initiate communication with Q45 wireless sensors, while accurately controlling the timing and configuration for the entire network.
  • 2 sourcing discrete outputs and DIP switches to map inputs from up to 2 wireless sensors to the gateway’s outputs.
  • Site survey functionality to analyze the network’s strength and reliability, and convey results through a bi-color LED indicator.
  • The ability to select 1 of 8 defined I/O mapping configurations to automatically map the Q45 inputs to the gateway’s outputs.
  • Transceivers with bidirectional communication between the gateway and Q45, including fully acknowledged data transmission.
  • The power to detect lost radio frequency links and set relevant outputs to user-defined conditions.
  • A proprietary, self-contained battery, radio and sensor.
  • The flexibility to improve efficiency by monitoring and coordinating multiple machines and processes.
  • A single board and wireless modular controller.
  • A board-level, self-contained design and easy mounting capabilities to facilitate the embedding of the module inside equipment and enclosures, and on control panels.