GYLON® STRESS SAVERGarlock Sealing Technologies has expanded its line of low-load gaskets for sealing metallic and non-metallic piping systems with the addition of its 3504 GYLON® STRESS SAVER® gasket for industrial applications such as chemical processing, semiconductor production and pulp and paper. Also being added is the 3505 GYLON® STRESS SAVER ® for potable water applications. According to the company:

  • The new gaskets are designed to seal lightweight metallic, plastic and fiberglass flanges that cannot provide the proper loads required to compress conventional fiber or PTFE gaskets.
  • The molded, raised, concentric ribs allow for a more concentrated gasket load, creating a tighter seal with less torque on both flat and raised face flanges.
  • The gasket material — 100 percent GYLON® PTFE with glass microspheres — provides superior cold-flow and creep resistance, eliminating the need for frequent retorquing. 
  • The field-proven Blue GYLON® material gives the gaskets better chemical resistance and higher temperature (-450 to +500°F) and pressure capabilities than other low-load gaskets.
  • The one-piece construction prevents leaching, delamination and foldover for easy installation, removal, and more reliable service.
  • Style 3504 is in compliance with FDA and USP Class VI requirements, and style 3505 undergoes special manufacturing and packaging requirements to meet NSF-61 certification for potable water applications.