City Technology 4OXecoCity Technology recently launched its 4OXeco LP sensor to improve the accuracy, operational life and resistance to cross-contamination in flue gas analyzers. According to the company, this sensor also grants:

  • Lead-free toxic gas sensor technology to reduce response and recovery times, and eliminate field failures.
  • The measurement of the oxygen and carbon monoxide content of boiler flue gases, a key measure of efficiency and safety, to reduce the potential for a higher incidence of false readings during measurements in fixed boilers and power generation plants.
  • The ability to maintain combustion processes at peak efficiency.
  • The capability to cope with harsh environments.
  • A low-power version, which is produced in the company‚Äôs industry-standard 4 Series form factor to ensure mechanical compatibility with existing instrument designs, for use in portable equipment.
  • Suitability for power stations and industrial buildings.